User Experience Design in Edtech

What do front-end designers consider in front-end development?


Chalkboard Education uses consistent logos no matter where it is placed on the website


These commands help you to copy or paste. The ones in the first rows work for non iOS and the ones in the bottom rows work for iOS

Error Code in Human Language and Good Dialogue

Error code with Good Dialogue assists users to understand when something does not work

Reverse Actions

These two icons allow users to either undo or skip actions

Front-end design and Edtech


The characteristics developers include when adding gamification


An example of a website inviting others to join others in forming a community on the site.


Chalkboard Education employs intuitive navigation by including a pop-up message beside the chat icon, to help users navigate the site

The Takeaway

About Chalkboard Education

Watch How Chalkboard Education Works



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