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Did you know you could leverage Chalkboard Education’s offline-first solution to roll out impact and satisfaction surveys at scale, seamlessly, reaching anyone on Earth with a simple SMS?

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Surveys are essential tools utilised in most firms’ impact measurement activities. They are critical because they aid in collecting direct feedback from beneficiaries or staff on the ground, and impact data for statistical analysis.

In this article, we detail out a guide on how to structure surveys and roll them out with Chalkboard Education.

When can you use Surveys?

Surveys can be useful in a very wide variety of situations! Here are the most common use cases for Surveys we have observed amongst our customers.

  • Assessing your impact: Surveys can be a powerful tool to get feedback and information from ground officers or from beneficiaries, for example on the outcomes of a previous activity.

How to Design a Survey

Before a survey is released, it is essential to detail out and structure the study, and we take you through a few important considerations which will ensure you come up with an excellent survey.

  • Pick the purpose: Surveys should be precise and geared towards a specific target group. Example -> Survey to assess Group X’s understanding of our training material and training sessions. Setting a theme from the get-go helps to guide you when constructing questions.
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Surveys on Mobiles can allow you to reach large cohorts of people remotely. Photo by Adismara Putri Pradiri

Things to Avoid

Here are a few mistakes you can avoid to make your Survey easier to take for respondents, and clearer to analyse for yourself.

  • Avoid compound questions: We advise you not to have layered questions in a survey. Respondents may struggle to answer these, please keep it one at a time.

These are our suggestions, but designing a survey is not limited to just the points discussed above: this is why testing your questions with samples of respondents, or even coworkers or friends, is an important task to do before distributing questionnaires at scale. It is the only way to ensure your questions are understood the way you intend them to be, and attract the answers you need.

Surveying with Chalkboard Education

Because each Survey answers its own objectives, and because questions must be engaging and simple for respondents to answer the most complete way possible, Chalkboard Education gives you many different question type options to choose from and compose your Survey with :

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Creating a Multiple Choice question with Chalkboard Education dashboard
  • Multiple choice: The typical question type: respondents choose one option from a list of many.

Process your Surveys results

Designing your Survey is only the first step of effective surveying! Another very important step is how you collect and process results: processes have to be safe and reliable, to protect both your users data and the integrity of your results, but also easy enough to make Surveys a cost-efficient tool for your organisation to roll out often.

This is for this reason that Chalkboard Education has developed its Surveys feature. Benefiting from years of experience in safely delivering training to underserved communities, our Surveys are rolled out directly onto our encrypted light mobile solution and can be taken offline, results being shared whenever an Internet connection is available, and automatically accessible individually or in bulk through a variety of options:

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Displaying a trainee’s answer to a Survey in the Chalkboard Education dashboard
  • Display Results in Chalkboard Education Dashboard: You can display respondents’ individual Survey results from your management dashboard, and mark them accordingly to your needs.

Try and see for yourself!

Surveying is an essential part of impact-driven organisations, and we hope this article was informative! Now that you have learned how to develop a sound survey that will serve as an efficient data collection and analysis tool, it is time to practice!

Contact our team for a demo of our dashboard! We will be happy to walk you through our Surveys feature, and explore how Surveys can help your organisation meet and measure its objectives.

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