The WISE @Accra conference took place in Accra in May under the theme “Unlocking the World’s Potential: Leading and Innovating for Quality Education in Africa”

Over 500 local and international policy makers, education practitioners, young innovators, and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss how to empower African youth and scale innovations for quality education.

Our team attended the two day event. We were very impressed by the quality of the discussions and the renowned panellists who spoke.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the conference was the difficulty to define what is a successful educational policy and the challenges facing PPPs in implementing sustainable education projects.

If so many graduates end up with no jobs, is the classroom still the best place to learn? Given the shortage of teachers today and the lack of teachers training, how can we rethink the concept of brick and mortar schools, beyond a fully digital approach? How can government and innovators collaborate to build a better educational system?

We were thrilled to see so many bright minds already tackling these challenges and can only feel hopeful for the future of education on the continent.

Educational technology in Africa and emerging markets

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