Chalkboard Education


  • Faith Elizabeth

    Faith Elizabeth

  • Douglas Ogeto

    Douglas Ogeto

  • Kenneth Woanyah

    Kenneth Woanyah

    Social entrepreneur, Musician, tech enthusiast , preacher, reader, #seekinternational #tuneaudit

  • Lewis Kim

    Lewis Kim

  • Seyram Alvin Ofori

    Seyram Alvin Ofori

    Web Developer | African | Philosopher | Dreamer who thinks he can actually change the world…

  • Marc Prtm

    Marc Prtm

  • Kat Pattillo

    Kat Pattillo

    Supporting leaders transforming education systems in the Global South, through the EdWell newsletter

  • Nkulanga Enock

    Nkulanga Enock

    Leadership Enthusiast,Passionate about Youth Leadership and Community Development.Global Youth Ambassador #Human rights #ECD #Education

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