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E-learning Dropoff — How to Avoid it

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of teaching is grabbing the attention of learners and maintaining it long enough to ensure an understanding and grasp of the content. Transfer the task of teaching online and this problem is made even more challenging. Fortunately, there are well-established solutions to help ensure that your online course is an effective educational resource capable of harnessing the attention of learners with a short attention span.

Presentation and Interactivity

Presentation, presentation, presentation — this simple yet often overlooked component of content creation is perhaps the most crucial element in developing the most effective attention-grabbing content. Yet many content creators — especially those educationally focused — fall foul of ensuring that knowledge is presented in the simplest and most effective form. Here are a few tips to consider:

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Consideration of Learner Temperaments

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Taking learner temperaments into consideration ensures that your online course is the most effective and engaging out there

The following tips will help you cater your course content to ensure there is engaging content for everyone.


Sanguine learners prefer activities that engage their innate creativity, as well as, opportunities to lead activities. This can be done by developing live online training activities that require leadership and also collaborative group projects.


Phlegmatic learners are problem solvers, they enjoy and also benefit from collaborative group projects that require brainstorming that presents them with opportunities to provide solutions.

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Melancholic learners pay attention to detail as a result your online content must be as easy to navigate as possible and clutter-free — every bit of content must serve a purpose. These independent learners also benefit from solo, personalized learners that enable them to learn at their own pace.


Choleric learners, just like sanguine learners relish the opportunity to lead and benefit greatly from activities that require a form of leadership component. These learners are goal-oriented and it is therefore important to set attainable goals that they can work towards to foster continued engagement. Finally, choleric learners benefit greatly from practical simulation and case studies that help place your course content into perspective.

Instructional Design

A lot of readers would be wondering how to infuse these talking points into course material — Instructional Design.

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