Academic mobility and its impact on careers

Virtual academic mobility

What is Academic Mobility?

Academic mobility can be described as the movement of students and teachers in higher education from one institution to another, either within or outside their own country, to study or teach for a period of time. Mobility can be achieved in two main ways; vertical mobility and horizontal mobility.

Two key drivers of mobility

Mobility is underlined by two key ideas: Internationalization and Globalization.

Diverse students meeting as a result of international education, a branch of internationalization
Globalization makes the world seem like one

Benefits of academic mobility

Gain valuable, employable skills

Ability to apply the skills learned in academic mobility to work meetings
Academic mobility increases a person's job prospects
Ability to add valuable input to workplace problems due to academic mobility


To reiterate, academic mobility is on the rise, especially with the inclusion of virtual options. The benefits of academic mobile persons include improved people skills, self-sufficiency skills, and a tendency to have increased creativity compared to their peers in their home country due to the difference in teaching styles across the countries. Consequently, employers tend to employ academic mobile students for their transferable skills and cultural capital. Although this is the case, in some countries, it is noted that the private sector is more appreciative of its international credentials than the public sector. Overall, there is a clear positive impact on the career development of academic mobile persons.

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