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Educational technology in Africa and emerging markets

In this article, we focus the lens on Africa, and we discuss how to undertake mobile learning with low-tech beneficiaries in underserved communities.

Get to know our team! This week: Kwadwo Busumtwi, Backend Engineer. This interview is the sixth of a series featuring the outstanding team from Chalkboard Education. Check out previous interviews from the Developer team with Solomon Sign and Yoofi Brown-Pobee.

Get to know the team! This week: Solomon Appier-Sign, Lead Backend Engineer. This interview is the fifth of a series showcasing the incredible team from Chalkboard Education. Read our previous interviews from the Developer team with Yoofi Brown-Pobee and Nii Apa Abbey.

Non-Governmental Organizations serve communities in many ways, with one common mission: inspire hope and make a positive change in people’s lives.

Since Covid, more and more organisations are rolling out mobile training programs, sometimes replacing face-to-face training sessions. While these programs, when based on lightweight and inclusive formats, help firms improve training continuity at scale — they are left with a big challenge: how to measure their effective impact.

What is Impact?

“Impact” can be many things, but it is always what we pay…

Evaluate and assess trainees at scale, seamlessly, with Chalkboard Education’s universal mobile application. Our offline-first mode allows trainees to take quizzes without internet connectivity, and upload their test scores anytime once they plug into a network.

Chalkboard Education offers many Quizzes possibilities for your e-learning programmes.

Quizzes are essential instruments used by many firms for knowledge assessment purposes.
They are a less formal approach than standardised tests and examinations, giving educators the flexibility to evaluate trainees in various ways. They are essential because they provide data on knowledge assimilation, course understanding, and a host of other statistical categories.

Get to know our team! This week: Yoofi Brown-Pobee, Software Engineer. This interview is the fourth of a series featuring the outstanding team from Chalkboard Education. Check out previous interviews from the Developer team with Nii Apa Abbey and Lemuel Hawkson.

Yoofi Brown-Pobee, software engineer at Chalkboard Education

What is your role at Chalkboard Education?
I am a software engineer, part of the developer team responsible for building and maintaining the product daily.

Global Edtech Startup Awards 2020 : Les lauréats de la finale France

PARIS — Le 10 décembre dernier, s’est tenue la 7e édition des GESA France, coorganisée par ed21 et l’AFINEF, avec le soutien de la Région Île-de-France, dans le cadre de la « Journée EdTech FENI Plan de relance » organisée par Business France. À l’occasion d’une cérémonie réunissant les 5 finalistes de l’édition 2020, de grands témoins internationaux et le jury constitué d’acteurs et d’experts de l’écosystème, les organisateurs ont révélé le nom de l’entreprise qui défendra l’innovation française lors de la finale Monde qui aura lieu en ligne en janvier 2021. Cette année, c’est donc Millionroads à qui reviendra…

Get to know our team! This week: Nii Apa Abbey, Chief Technical Officer. After Lemuel Hawkson and Genevieve Simiyu, this interview is the third of a series featuring the outstanding team from Chalkboard Education.

Nii Apa is Chief Technical Officer at Chalkboard Education since 2017.

What do you do at Chalkboard Education?
My role at Chalkboard Education has been a myriad of things. When I first joined, it was to help transition software engineering from the team in France to the team in Accra. So, my role was to initially learn from them and to later hire a team to take over their processes. Currently, I manage the developers and help with…

PRESS RELEASE — Accra/Salzburg, 5 november 2020,

Smart content combined with optimized utilization of state-of-the-art technology offers immense opportunities to close global and local divides and the achievement of the UN SDGs. Chalkboard Education was nominated as best national digital solution for Ghana for the international Award WSA, selecting digital innovation with impact on society. With this nomination in the Category Learning and Education, Chalkboard Education qualifies for evaluation by the WSA Online Jury 2020 among over 340 international nominations — a global diameter of digital innovation, from Canada to Indonesia, from Finland to Mozambique.

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